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Hatha yoga asana (posture) is a humble and powerful practice of breath and movement that provides great benefits for our body, mind, and spirit. All you need is your breath.

About Zoe

I have been enjoying and exploring the amazing world of yoga since 2011. Yoga has always been a sanctuary of healing and growing for me, a truly transformative and empowering practice. I have always had a very personal home practice full of intuitive movement and self-study. 


When I was ready to train to teach, I found my teacher Aubree Saia, in Madison, WI. She provided me with a stable and professional foundation to teach not only a structured and healthy class accessible to everyone, but also to communicate the subtleties of sadhana such as intuition, intention, and embodiment.

I teach yoga based on healthy and accessible alignment, subtle and expansive movements, and full conscious breaths. My aim is to help people experience the joy and benefits of yoga that I and so many other practitioners feel.

I teach to all levels of experience, from beginners classes, modified classes, to more advanced asana. 

I continue studying with master teachers, and love to share with my students.


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