Why Do We Love Yoga?

Yoga has a long and rich history, full of many teachings on philosophy, spirituality, holistic healthcare, and more. People today practice yoga for many different reasons. For some practitioners, the most attractive aspects are the physical benefits such as increased flexibility, stability, stamina, and mobility. Others turn towards yoga to aid in depression, grieving, or addiction, and some may be studying the philosophy just as much as the asana practice, looking for an answer to many of life’s questions. Whatever the initial reason may be, those who commit to a regular yoga practice LOVE it and begin to experience its wide myriad of benefits.

How can one practice serve so many different people in so many different ways?

How can something as humble as breath, movement, and self reflection transform us on such an astounding level?

Why, oh why, do we love yoga so much?

Though asana practice may sometimes be difficult and challenging in many ways, it is in its simplest aspect a humble and organic practice. Breath is the foundation of sadhana. Breath is something that we often take for granted, even though without it we would very shortly cease to be! Every breath is life-giving, every breath is prana. When we practice yoga, we intentionally and mindfully breathe deep, nourishing ourselves with oxygen and life. If we can be happy just breathing, we can find something to be happy about every moment of every day!

Asana practice combines breath with movement, another humble and simple concept. We don’t need perfect bodies to move, much less a foot behind your head or fancy pants! Movement is something that many of us are blessed with, that we do every day in many ways. When we move mindfully we can find expansion, freedom, and creativity. When we find joy in conscious movement, we have a well to draw peace from at any time and a world of gratitude in our fingertips.

A simple answer to a simple question. Why do we love yoga so much? It brings our basic nature of breath and body to our awareness, and to our hearts. Yoga makes us happy because it honors life in the simplest way. We love yoga because it feels so good to live.

Namaste beauties, and don’t forget to breathe!

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